I help you make sense of internet marketing

Trying to balance the day-to-day tasks in your business while trying to stay on top of your online marketing can make your head spin. At the same time you probably don’t want to just pass the online task off. You want to understand everything that’s going on in your business. I understand that.

That’s where I come in. I write articles, white papers, case studies, newsletters, landing pages and more. 

My Specialties:

I specialize in hearing and discerning the needs of your business — and with that raw material, creating a world of material to draw your target audience in.

My educational background doesn’t matter as much as my ability to craft written material, but here it is just the same: BA Writing, M.Ed Curriculum & Instruction, M.Ed Special Education.


I edit your already written content for grammar, spelling and clarity. I make headline and formatting suggestions that engage the reader. I also do live editing sessions, either online or on zoom. 

Tutor or Writing Teacher

I do a limited amount of tutoring for college students. Writing a paper isn’t just about understanding grammar, general formatting such as APA and MLA, and knowing how to cite resources. There are straightforward online resources to help you with these. I can help you with all of that as well. The most difficult aspect of writing academic papers is knowing how to synthesize and organize your thoughts. If you are a student at Washington State Community College in Marietta Ohio, my services are free to you. If you are not, let’s do a free to you 15 minute phone consultation. A pop up will give you the opportunity to schedule a time with me.

If English is not your second language, I can help you with phrasing and all aspects of writing.

Best Way to Contact Me:

Sign up for an appointment on the little pop up! I look forward to talking with you about your project. As I write this, I am scheduling writing projects for March, April and May 2021.

Christiane Marshall