Here is a sampling of writing service packages your business might need. Most projects are custom however. After we talk together, I’ll put together a writing proposal specific to your needs. We’re available to help you with many other types of writing services including white papers, case studies, ad copy, regular website content and more. If the following packages don’t meet your business needs, please contact us using the pop up scheduler. 


A.     The Pioneer 

This package is ideal for the do-it-yourselfer. For $750, I’ll provide you with an overview of what you need to create an online presence, tailored to your specific business.

The package includes:

  • an interview with you and one other person in your business;
  • a review of your competition and business needs;
  • and a five-page report that includes the following items:
  1. An overview of everything you need to know to get your business online
  2. Two or three suggested keywords
  3. A list of resources that includes where you can purchase domain names, hosting, content, designs, and anything that is specific to your particular business or niche.
  4. A list of human resources that include designers, social media managers, VAs and any other that pertains to your particular business.
  5. A checklist for getting online.
  6. A list of recommendations based on my research and interviews. This includes a recommendation for which social media platforms would work well with your business.
  7. A handy “cheat sheet” and a one-on-one, 30-minute tutorial session over the phone to help you learn to navigate, maintain and use your wordpress website.


 B.    The Sailor

This package is for the business owner who is too busy for a do-it-yourself package and who wants to sail online!

The Sailor costs $1500 plus the cost of all components (domain name, hosting, designers, social media manager, etc. You can, however, choose not to use any of the components of this package and do some of it yourself.)

Package includes:

  • Everything in the Pioneer package, plus
  • I get everything up and running for you; coordinate the professionals working on the different components for the first month.
  • I write the content for five web pages, including home, about, and detailed pages about products or services.
  • One social media platform set-up, and social media updates written for the first week.

C.     The pilot $3,995

This package is for the entrepreneur who wants to fly!

It includes:

  • Everything in the Pioneer and the Sailor packages, plus:
  • One more social media platform set-up and posts/tweets for the first week
  • Two blog posts
  • In-depth SEO research, submitted to you in Excel, along with instructions on how to use the information,
  • Posts and/or tweets scheduled for two weeks
  • Lead generation package, to capture prospects that visit your site so you can stay in touch with them. This includes setting up your email marketing service, including writing a tip sheet, checklist or short guide, up to 3 or 4 pages as a free opt-in.
  • Also includes a local marketing strategy to get local customers to connect with you online.

D.     The Fixer-Upper

You already have a web presence, but need some help getting it polished or edited. Contact me for an estimate.

E.      Custom Package

Contact me for an estimate. This is the most common package. 

A la carte:

  • Add content for initial website, per page, up to 800 words: $450 with a package or a six month commitment. Separately: $800 per page, up to 1500 words. (Note — cost is more if extensive research or interviews are required.)
  • Add email series: $250 per email. Series of five, $900
  • One hour consultation $120
  • Special report for lead generation, 7 to 10 pages: Starting at $1,700 (depending on how much research and interviews are needed)
  • 1 page special report for lead generation: $375
  • Fully optimized LinkedIn bio: $850
  • SEO Research: Varies based on project.
  • Add social media set up per social media platform: $250

This includes:

  1. Set-up of one social media platform
  2. Short bio
  3. Initial post creation for one week
  4. Tutorial to teach you how to connect with your prospects and customers on this platform
  5. We will coordinate and negotiate a price with a designer for header design.
  6. Does not include: In-depth SEO research to optimize your social media presence and bio, and does not include design of header.