What people say about Christiane:

Christiane Marshall has generated client leads for my business through articles in Marietta and Beyond Magazine, social media marketing, press release writing and distribution, event planning and production. Christiane’s services have been very beneficial to me by promoting my business on many different platforms. She is dedicated to the cause of improving the health of our community.  I recommend her services because I believe in her mission to educate the public on alternative healthy ways of life specifically our diets. David Norris DC, MS, DACBN


What an ABSOLUTE delight!!! Period. Christiane was proactive above and beyond what was asked, is a fantastic writer, and is someone I’d recommend to anyone who wants good humor, great work ethic, and a fine final product rolled into one provider package.

Julie, BodyProud

Finding a person skilled and able to understand your vision for a piece of work is often difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. From high prices to a piece of work that’s fulfilling, there are many paths and options to consider before choosing who you want to work with. An editor that understands your ideas is able to better help you present them in a way that engages an audience, keeps them interested and wanting more. Though it seems like a difficult search, there is one editor that will be able to help you immensely in what you’re trying to accomplish. Let me tell you about Christiane Marshall. 

From day one of working on my novel with Christiane, I knew I found a person that cared deeply about smoothing the rough edges and making the novel better in every way. She offers praise on a job well done, constructive criticism on areas to be improved, and much of her own time to create a fantastic finished product. The respect she has for the original work is to be admired as well; without changing the key themes I have she’s able to aid me in conveying them more coherently. Rather than allow me to make a mistake without an opportunity for correction, or stripping me of creative control in the process of patching up a problem, Christiane’s able to help balance corrections while still maintaining the original meaning of my ideas. The amazing new ways I’m able to tell the story I wish to tell is only possible with her help. One of the main examples of how Christiane’s assisted me is when she had me sit down, reread or rewatch passages of other work I’ve enjoyed. 

When I came back, she asked me to describe and explain these scenes and why I enjoyed them. Once we finished analyzing them, she further explained to me how to apply the world building and character descriptions in these passages into my own story. With one simple idea she helped me find the weakness I had in writing character descriptions along with world building, identify why the other passages were successful while showing me the techniques they used, and improve my own passages to where they’re far better than the original. 

You’ll also find that Christiane’s skillset is vast and versatile enough to help in whatever type of work you have in mind.  She’s always willing to find time to sit down and continue improving on what you have in mind as a finished product.

 -David Hensler


Christiane makes good solid suggestions on how you can improve your articles and posts without taking away from your own personal message. My clients comment on how much they enjoy the articles she has edited! As I take my business forward into the future, it is so reassuring to know that I have a great editor that will be there to help with the growth. Whether you are just getting started or have been creating content for some time now, I highly recommend that you allow Christiane the opportunity to be your second pair of eyes! You’ll be blown away at the results!

Jennifer Ledford – Personal Trainer and Healthy Lifestyle Coach (http://www.jenniferledford.com)

 I’m a student at Washington State Community College in Marietta Ohio. I’ve known Christine Marshall for around a year. English is my second language and she has been very helpful to me. The first time she worked with me, she helped with my very first Powerpoint presentation assigned in an English class.
Christiane has also been a great tutor for me when I took English Composition. I really appreciate her patience and dedication in teaching me. Every time she worked with me, I learned something new.
Ronald Chavez

Christiane has one of the most creative copywriter minds I have encountered! She thinks out of the box, offers fun initiatives, intriguing twists and simply fun ways of achieving the goals presented to her! I just love how she thinks and highly recommend her to anyone who wants unique, creative, and effective copywrite style materials! You’l love working with her and you’ll love the end results.

Carl Mason-Liebenberg