Learn to Write

You can learn to write college papers!

I can teach you!

Taking New Students Now! 

Working with me you’ll learn:

  • How to avoid accidental plagiarism.
  • An easy way to format your papers and citations correctly, no matter which format your professor prefers.
  • How to create a handy checklist to use when editing your own paper. Your checklist will be unique and based on the types of mistakes you make.
  • Three strategies for faster research and note taking.
  • How to find an idea to pull together your research and make your paper totally unique.
  • Synthesizing resources into a unique narrative.
  • MORE!

In addition, if we work together long enough, we can also cover additional topics such as style issues, how to stimulate the creative mind, how to write faster, etc.

If you’re interested, sign up using the little popu. I’ll get back to you!