Desktop34Actually, I hate to watch sports period. As a child, I always enjoyed playing sports, but as an adult there are few opportunities.

Trying to be like the rest of you!

But football is the one sport I never wanted to play. My favorite was playing baseball in the street. We had our own rules and no adults needed!

So tonight I'm trying to watch the Super Bowl, with my slow satellite internet, just to have a clue what everyone is talking about. Trying to find the thing that gets a person interested. But it's an exercise in futility! I try this every once in a while.

I think I know why I can't stand football.

As a writer, I hate having my flow interrupted. Once I get into a project, I don't even want to stop to eat. I have to force myself.

And football is all about interrupting the flow. The whole purpose of offense in the game is what frustrates me! Seriously, a tackle is just like writer's block!

My family was from Quebec and they watched hockey. There was no way a child could ask questions about what was going on. So I wondered why my cousin fell off his chair shouting — or why my uncles and father yelled and jumped up from their chairs. I just watched them, bewildered, grieving whatever show I would have been watching if all three existing channels hadn't been usurped by this monster called SPORTS!  

I almost forgot! I wanted to understand hockey once too, so I signed up for a team in high school. But my parents wouldn't let me play. They said they didn't want me to lose my teeth!

My family had no clue about football.

How do people pick their teams anyway?

So I don't have a clue. And I never know who to root for! At least in high school I knew who my team was!

A couple of years ago I asked my friends on facebook how they chose their teams. No one really knew except for those who chose the team in their own back yard. So that didn't help me.  

And ever since, I associate that sound of the crowd with this feeling of disconnection. Seriously, you can't talk to anyone. You can't ask questions. If you aren't into the sport everyone is watching, it's like you're in another dimension and all alone!


I just watched a move that looked more like a dance move just now at 6:13 or somewhere thereabouts. And that was interesting for me.

Whatever. Does it matter? Why am I sitting here eating popcorn and trying to like and understand football? Maybe next year… 

Back to my writing project! And don't interrupt! 🙂