If you're looking for content, you're probably tired of trying to keep one step ahead of the search engines. If you aren't a writer, chances are you are frustrated with your own attempts at creating content, or tired of searching for and buying just the right mix of articles. You may be thinking that you just want to run your business and forget about SEO!

Do you know how to weave the needs of the search bots and the human reader? No human likes stilted writing designed for computer programs, yet no one will find your content if it doesn't meet the criteria of the ever changing search engine algorithms.

It's an art.

If you're great at SEO and your site gets lots of organic traffic, but the writing isn't compelling…. well, no one's going to stick around and read. On the other hand, great writing without SEO is like a gourmet meal dropped from a helicopter into the ocean. No one's going to find it. expired domain names