Thinking about nature helps us activate the creative mind.

Last week I discussed some strategies for activating the creative brain. 

The Group Poem

I also started a group poem on my fan page. Several people participated. Below is a copy of the poem in the exact order it was created.

The purpose of this exercise was to demonstrate how powerful a group can be to create something wonderful, useful, beautiful, and new.

I'll talk more about the creative mind and group process in a future post. For now, let me point out that this is a good example of how a group of people can activate each others' creative minds to create something new. We can affirm each other when problem solving by giving each person's voice and idea a place.

Later we can take all that beautiful raw material and create more good stuff out of it!

What do you think? You can almost hear the different voices. As I read it, many different visual images pass by. It makes me think of a picnic where we hear all of the voices and laughter. firemní struktury Only at this picnic, each person takes us to their space at home… from a South African winter to a North American summer; from daytime sounds to night sounds; from sunshine, then gentle rain, then a storm.

Despite the diversity of voices and images, there is a common theme running through it. Tell me what you think the theme is?

I gave instructions, then I added the first two lines. 

My instructions for the group poem: First open your door to the outside and listen…Add one or two lines:

The sound of birds and cicadas competes with the hum of my laptop.

I wish for electronic silence while I work as the world blesses my heart with music and peacefulness.

The stillness of silence created an orchestra of nature's sounds.

The morning sun peaks over the mountains and lights up the clouds with the rosy glow of hope.

As the wind moves in silence. The workers in the office move to a diifferent dance.

Ahh quiet, where did you go?

The sounds of motors and busy-ness have intruded

Oh, how I long for silence thee

I love the sound of children laughing and all getting along while playing in the pool on a hot summer's day.

the birds are dancing among the trees, who is listening?

The longing of a quiet home can never replace the laughter and joy a family can bring…

the slashing of the bass on the river makes me long to jump in and swim with them…floating on my back with the warm sun beaming down on my face.

I close my eyes and exit the rat race

My mind is adrift with thoughts of distant waves

washing over my weary body and cleansing my face

I'm nearly there, to that peaceful inner place

My mind is adrift with thoughts of distant waves.

The sounds of nature play by their own musicality. Then splash I'm thrown back into reality.

The rarely present winter sun is luring me into the radiance and warmth of its luminous beams.

Ah and across the ocean it is raining in a dry place! I hear water running in the creek, and raindrops bouncing on cabbage leaves.

And raindrops tapping on my window, gently waking me to my new day

of fun and fun and fun……….

fun day as the little kids peaking out the windows wishing to go out and play. Instead we turn their attention to a board game of fun and laughters that come our way all because of a rainy day.

So many frown on rainy days. Smile and enjoy the sound and feel of it!

I am bewildered at the beauty that surrounds me as I listen to the cascading water running from the mountainside.

The splashes of my children's laughters are like a song playing in my ear. Bringing my lips a smile that could last throughout the year!

The whirl of the air conditioner reminds me of the provisions afforded to me by the Great Provider and I am grateful to working from the comfort of my home.

As we sit inside the comfort of our own home, a storm is brewing outside. The loud Thunder and strong Wind reminds me how strong our Lord is even in the depths of a storm he can bring us to peace.

Open the door to the night sounds of crickets and happy frogs. Wind chimes sing as the cool breeze soothes my soul.

The sounds I hear outside as I sit on my porch and "JUST BE" are reminders that God above is in charge and will always take care of me.

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