If you didn't get a chance to read about Suzie's social media drama, go ahead and check it out now. This post will make much more sense! 

Is keeping up with social media making you feel like you're drowning?

Well, you aren't alone. Most social media experts would tell Suzie that she needs to start with one platform and get used to it before branching out. But more on that in a later post. You'll hear some experts talk to Suzie about some great tools to make her life more manageable. Make sure to sign up to hear the rest of the story. (Find the sign up box in Part One.

Today I want to talk to you about being overwhelmed in general. 

You may be at a point in your business or life where some things are a little or a lot out of control. Is it finances, relationship, housekeeping, paperwork, parenting? You're forgetting important things because it's all just too much and it's disorganized. You're stressed and feel like telling everyone to be quiet. You don't want to talk to anyone until you have it figured out. You're just too busy sorting it all out in your head. 

Problem is, it's almost impossible to sort inside your head. Don't despair, I'm going to share an effective strategy with you. 

I'm not a newcomer to overwhelm. I'm one of those creative people that likes to, well, create. I'm not happy (and I can't think straight) unless I'm working on multiple projects. So I've had to learn the hard way that there are only 24 hours in a day. (Duh! Right?) 

Here's the first step out of a mess.

Choose one thing and do it. Here's a very simple example. I actually did this coming out of an extended illness. My house had gotten so badly out of control that looking at the mess overwhelmed me to the point of paralyzing me. I had to block everything out of my mind except for one task. Bend over and pick up one item. Clean out one corner. Work a certain amount of time and call it a day. Little by little, it got done. I learned to do that in every situation that seemed out of control. 

And guess what? It was never as bad as it appeared in my overwhelmed state. As a matter of fact, after a while, I was less likely to get overwhelmed because I knew what to do. So what is it in your life? It's okay to glance at the whole picture, but then focus in on one thing you can do today. 

So now for the second step.

Once you've gotten that corner cleaned out, of course you're going to want to expand a little to another part of the task. Delegate or outsource the maintenance of the corner you just finished — or some other part of your undone work. You'll begin to feel better once you've finished one thing and the whole of your work will begin to make more sense to you. When you feel that sigh of relief, know that your mind is going to be more helpful to you. 

Most importantly, sort the mess in your mind. 

You can't do that by leaving it inside your head. You need to talk to someone. Here are some ideas: 

  • Go somewhere private and pray out loud. Spend some time listening when you're done. 
  • Talk to a friend. Just be sure to choose someone who is positive and who has experience in the area you need to sort out. This is very important. Choose carefuly.
  • Talk to a counselor or a mentor. If what you're trying to sort out is important or vital to your psychological well being, it's worth the time and the cost of paying for either. 
  • Write. Journal. Just dump it all out on paper. If you do this regularly, it will help clarify what you need to talk about at your sessions with God, your friend, your mentor or counselor. 
  • If possible, do all of the above. 

Remember, there is always a solution.

I've been known to do crazy out of the box things to get my work done. Years ago when I couldn't afford a lawn mower, I called a local ministry and they brought goats over to my yard! Honest! I wouldn't make that up! 

As a young mom with four under five, I once stood in the middle of the room and just let out a scream — not at anyone, just a scream. The kids looked up from their play, and went right back to it. They thought it was interesting I guess. But I felt better. It cleared my mind some. 

Right now, for different reasons, the best place for me to write is sitting in a rest area that has wifi. I'm not kidding you. 

So go ahead. Say those crazy ideas out loud. Picture yourself doing them and see if the picture makes sense. Go ahead and try it! Be a renegade out of the box person if it helps you get where you need to go! 

As long as you follow the golden rule and don't cross any ethical lines, you'll be fine! 

It sure beats despair, hands down! 

Now, pass on the craziness! 

I mean it. Tell someone today to go ahead — try something out of the box to feel better, to get something done, or to feel better. 

Please tell me about it! (Don't forget to come back for the rest of Suzie's story!)