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The earth shook relentlessly as Suzie tried to keep her balance.

Something was falling all around her as she tried to crawl away from the precipice that had just opened with a roar.

She didn't dare look up!

She grabbed a tree branch and hung on for dear life. While her legs dangled over the cliff-side, she felt a shadow moving rapidly downward toward her.

She looked up fearfully and saw tweet after tweet cascading down from the sky, each one whizzing by her head and missing her by barely an inch.

"See this for help with your biz," Whiizzz

"Ignore all negative people in your life," Whiizzz

"Don't do that bad biz thing, thanks for the RT" Whiizzz

Will Suzie die?

She moved her head from side to side to avoid each tweet, but suddenly facebook statuses began to slide past her from the hillside above her.

Huge blocks of text scraped her thighs. Suddenly one very long post banged into her hip. She hung on but her hands were getting tired.

The post pushed her toward the cavernous ravine. Her feet tingled as they hung in the air and stones fell along with the posts — their crashing sounds echoing in the distance. virtual offices Tuj! Tuj! Tuj!

She screamed "HELP ME!" But no one heard!

Just then Google+ posts came tumbling down along with the facebook posts. A framed pinterest photo crashed over her head, shattering to pieces.

"Oh no!" She yelled, "That was my favorite pin of all! Now look at it!"

Drowning on a hillside?

Then rushing waters came pouring over her with LinkedIn messages floating by. She could hardly breathe.

Oh no! A horrible screaming sound echoed from the distance. She began to tremble as she saw it was an avalanche of youtube videos.

She knew she wouldn't survive those.

Just then, her hands gave out and she began to fall – fall -fall, down down down…

She woke up screaming, ipad on her lap with the hootsuite owl sleeping cozily on its website.

Her husband rolled over and said, "you're always online. I think you're addicted" — for the thousandth time this week!

Will Suzie survive her social media experience?

Will she abandon social media altogether or will she find a way to get through this?

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